Robotic welding

Thanks to the Panasonic welding robot, we are able to produce large series of products with a guarantee of constant quality of the highest level.

Sheet metal cutting

Thanks to the number of exchangeable tools, the TRUMPF die-cutting machine can not only die-cut, but also, for example, form threads, create recesses and ventilation grilles and engrave with great precision and high speed.

Laser cutting of metals

The laser sheet metal cutting machine is an ideal and high-quality solution for materials cutting. Using high-end laser technology, it is possible to separate materials with great accuracy. The laser beam can also create very complex shapes with high cut quality.

Brake forming

Press brakes are used for cold forming of metal. The machines control demanding multiple bends, as well as various thicknesses and dimensions of the material.

Bending center

We bend wires on german CNC machines of the WAFIOS brand. The 3D bending center for wire processing can produce various shapes of wires. The machines are fully automated and controlled by a control unit.

Compact bending

INDUMASCH compact bending machines bend closed profiles (pipes etc) of various diameters with absolute precision.

Metal welding

We weld arbitrarily large parts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals on semi-automatic machines in a protective CO2 atmosphere. Welding is performed by certified workers.

Resistance welding

Fully automated machines are designed for resistance welding of industrial gratings and wire gratings. They can weld nets of the required wire density and speed up the welding process.

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