NERA DISPLAYS successfully completes project for PENNY MARKET: 1,000 overhead cigarette stands installed across Czech Republic

NERA DISPLAYS’ recent project for PENNY MARKET and IMPERIAL BRANDS, involving the installation of 1,000 overhead cigarette stojans across the Czech Republic, showcases the company’s expertise in providing innovative and customized display solutions. The collaboration not only enhances the in-store experience for PENNY MARKET customers but also sets the stage for potential future collaborations between the three industry leaders.

Introduction: In a strategic move to enhance the shopping experience and optimize product visibility, NERA DISPLAYS recently completed a major project in collaboration with PENNY MARKET. The project involved the delivery and installation of 1,000 overhead cigarette stands of IMPERIAL BRANDS across various PENNY MARKET branches throughout the Czech Republic.

Enhancing In-Store Visibility: The primary objective of this project was to provide IMPERIAL BRANDS and PENNY MARKET with a solution that not only organized their cigarette inventory efficiently but also significantly improved the visibility of the products. NERA DISPLAYS, a leading provider of innovative display solutions, was entrusted with the task of designing and delivering overhead stojans tailored to meet PENNY MARKET’s specific needs.

Efficient Distribution Across the Country: With a network of PENNY MARKET stores spread across the entire Czech Republic, the logistics of delivering and installing 1,000 overhead stojans were no small feat. NERA DISPLAYS executed a meticulously planned distribution strategy, ensuring timely and accurate delivery to each PENNY MARKET branch.

Installation and Training: NERA DISPLAYS didn’t just stop at delivering the stojans; they also provided comprehensive installation services and training for PENNY MARKET staff. This hands-on approach ensured that the implementation was seamless, and store employees were well-equipped to manage and maintain the new display fixtures.

Benefits for PENNY MARKET AND IMPERIAL BRANDS: The successful completion of this project has brought numerous benefits to PENNY MARKET and IMPERIAL BRANDS. The enhanced visibility of cigarette products has made it easier for customers to locate their preferred brands, resulting in a more efficient shopping experience. Additionally, the organized and aesthetically pleasing display contributes to an improved store environment.


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