Bike boxes

Security bike boxes

A bike security box represents one of the best solutions for protecting your property. This innovative product not only prevents theft of your bike but also shields it from adverse weather conditions that could cause damage.

Benefits of bike boxes:

  • Security – Boxes provide robust protection against theft. Constructed from steel profiles and 0.8mm thick steel sheet, boxes are equipped with special multi-point locking systems and security locks. All types of boxes offer floor/tile anchoring.
  • Design – Box designs are timeless. Boxes are available in various colors and can be customized precisely to customer specifications with structured box wraps. All color finishes are corrosion-resistant due to zinc coating.
  • Modularity – Modular assembly allows for any number of boxes to be placed side by side.
  • Electric Bike Charging – Boxes can include additional connections for charging electric bikes.
  • Solar Power – Boxes can be powered not only from the grid but also by additional solar panels, providing eco-friendly electric bike charging.
  • Locking Options – Our locking solutions offer two main options: coin-operated locks and electronic locks. Electronic locks can be programmed into various modes tailored to your needs.
  • Installation – Our company offers professional box installation services, including anchoring into the floor/ground at your chosen location. Each box package includes detailed instructions for easy assembly if opting for self-installation. You can also check the instructions here.
  • Service – Rapid-response service teams are an essential part of all our products, available every working day. We also provide regular maintenance for boxes to ensure smooth operation.

For whom:

  • Cities and Municipalities
    A comprehensive, secure solution for your town or city.
  • Sports Facilities
    The ability to securely store bikes is advantageous.
  • Tourist Destinations
    Want to increase visitor numbers? Bike houses are the solution!
  • Schools
    Bike houses offer secure bike storage as part of education.
  • Businesses and Institutions
    Bike houses benefit employees and customers alike.
  • Bus and Train Stations
    Safe bike storage at stations throughout the day.
  • Hotels, Guesthouses
    Lacking a bike storage facility? Bike houses are the solution!
  • Shopping Centers
    Bike houses ensure peaceful shopping experiences!
  • Households
    An ideal solution not only for apartment buildings.


Item code: A23161

Bike box (electronic lock)

  • Height: 1500 mm
  • Width: 1060 mm
  • Depth: 2211 mm
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Item code: A24012

Bike box (manual coin lock)

  • Height: 1500 mm
  • Width: 1060 mm
  • Depth: 2211 mm
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Tailor-made bike boxes

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