Logistics is an essential element of a successful business, and NERA DISPLAYS prides itself on offering its customers a comprehensive logistics service with its own transport capacities. This service is designed to ensure a smooth flow of goods from production to customers, with an emphasis on efficiency, reliability and a professional approach.

Key elements of the service:

  • Transportation of goods: NERA DISPLAYS has its own transportation capabilities, which means that it has full control over the entire transportation process. This includes route planning, fleet management and monitoring the movement of goods from the point of production to the final destination.
  • Warehousing and distribution: The logistics service provided by NERA DISPLAYS also includes the warehousing and distribution of goods. The company has modern warehouses that are optimized for proper storage and quick processing of orders. Distribution includes strategic delivery planning and effective management of delivery dates.
  • Tracking and information: Thanks to this service, customers have the opportunity to track the movement of their goods in real time. NERA DISPLAYS provides transparent information on the status of shipments and delivery progress, which contributes to greater customer satisfaction.
  • Own driving team: The company has its own driving team, which enables quick and flexible responses to customer requirements. The team is trained and professional, which ensures safe and reliable transportation of goods.
  • Flexibility and personalization: Every customer has specific logistics requirements. The service from NERA DISPLAYS is designed with individual needs in mind, allowing a flexible and personalized approach to each project.


  • Total control: Thanks to its own transport capacities, NERA DISPLAYS has full control over the logistics process, which ensures greater reliability and efficiency.
  • Speed ​​and flexibility: The in-house driving team enables quick responses to customer requests and flexible solutions to specific situations.
  • Transparency: The ability to track goods in real time gives customers a clear overview of the delivery status.
  • Simplicity: NERA DISPLAYS’ logistics service removes the burden of organizing and managing logistics processes, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

NERA DISPLAYS is committed to providing quality logistics services that contribute to the success and growth of customers. With its own transport capacities and a professional team, it is able to fulfill even the most demanding logistical requirements.


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