Tobacco stands with additional attachments

Manufacturing and assembly of FLOP/FLOSSMAN stands

Customer: British American Tobacco
Implementation: 11/2023 + 01/2024

Our project ‘1000 Cigarette Stands for Penny CZ’ has received significant acclaim and satisfaction from our partners. Thanks to the success of this initiative, we have decided to push the boundaries even further. In collaboration with British American Tobacco, we have executed another significant project involving the installation of new cigarette stands in the retail chains Flop and Flossman.

While these smaller stores may not have the scale of giant supermarkets like Lidl or Kaufland, that is precisely the beauty of our project. We want to demonstrate our ability to adapt to the needs and dimensions of any store, regardless of its size. Our installations are not just technical elements but represent an expression of our ability to respond to individual requirements and provide comprehensive solutions.

The goal of this collaboration was not only to install new stands but also to add additional elements to the store space, enhancing the overall visual impression and comfort for customers. Now, customers in Flop and Flossman stores can not only easily find their favorite tobacco products but also enjoy a pleasant shopping environment for a variety of cigarette accessories. These stands were installed as cigarette stands, including additional attachments used for products such as chewing tobacco and disposable cigarettes.

We take pride in being able to bring innovative solutions to smaller stores, where every detail plays a role. Our modifications are not just about installing stands but about creating an environment that increases the attractiveness of the store and promotes the sale of tobacco products. We are confident that this collaboration with British American Tobacco brings not only practical benefits to the stores but also strengthens our position as a company capable of fully meeting the individual requirements of each business partner.

We look forward to continuing our efforts to bring innovative and effective solutions to various types of stores, thereby supporting the development and success of our business partners.


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    Tobacco stands with additional attachments





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