Tobacco Display Stands/Tobacco Company Stands  – PENNNY MARKET

Implementation:  9 – 10/2023

NERA DISPLAYS celebrating success in collaboration with Penny Market: delivered 1,000 excellent overhead Stands!

We are filled with joy and pride as we announce the successful completion of a recent project we worked on in collaboration with the popular Penny Market chain! NERA DISPLAYS enthusiastically manufactured and successfully delivered 1,000 stunning overhead stands that now adorn stores, enhancing the shopping experience across the Czech Republic.

This project was not just about producing and delivering stands; it showcased our ability to provide innovative solutions that enhance comfort and visual appeal for customers. Each overhead stand was designed with a focus on aesthetics and practicality to create an environment that captivates and satisfies our discerning customers.

These overhead stands not only highlight our ability to produce top-notch products but also reinforce our vision to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions for the needs of retail partners. We are confident that each stand contributes to the overall improvement of the shopping environment and helps raise standards in product presentation in stores.

Penny Market provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate how we can tailor our products to the specific needs and aesthetic standards of individual stores. This collaboration not only strengthens our partnership but also inspires us to pursue further innovations and enhancements to our products.

We believe that these overhead stands will not only enhance the attractiveness of Penny Market stores but also bring joy and satisfaction to customers who will enjoy a modern and comfortable environment during their shopping experiences. We proudly look back on the success of this project and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate in the development of the retail space in the Czech Republic and beyond


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