Universal Stand

SPRINT TANK / Universal stand

Customer: Sprint Tank
Implementation: 11/2023

Sprint Tank: Innovation in the Fuel Station Network with a New Sales Stand

In the fall, we were pleasantly surprised when a new customer from the Sprint Tank fuel station network approached us with a unique request for a new stand for their stores. Sprint Tank expressed a desire to have a diverse range of products in a relatively limited sales space. With immense interest and professional approach, we took on this challenge and initiated a project that ranged from creating graphic design to providing a price quote and processing technical drawings to actual production.

The entire process was carefully managed, taking into account Sprint Tank’s specific requirements, and paying attention to every detail. Our goal was not only to meet but to exceed our client’s expectations. The graphic design was created with an emphasis on attractiveness and practicality, considering the requirements for a diverse range of products in a limited space.

After the approval of the graphic design, a transparent and fair price quote followed, demonstrating our commitment to a fair approach to our client. The processing of technical drawings was a crucial step to ensure that every aspect of the stand would be fully functional and suitable for the needs of Sprint Tank’s stores.

The actual production was carried out with precision and expert craftsmanship, resulting in an outcome that exceeded expectations. Our ultimate aim was to ensure that the new stand would not only be visually impressive but also practical and efficient for presenting a diverse range of products.

We are proud to have contributed to innovations in the Sprint Tank fuel station network and fulfilled their specific requirements. Customer feedback confirmed that the created stand represents an ideal solution for their stores. We look forward to further opportunities for collaboration on projects that push boundaries and bring creative solutions to our clients.


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