Petrol Solutions

The petrol station is a special point of sale, partly in the open air,  with a special requirements for functionality and resistance to weathering.

A typical feature is a lockable roller shutter and sometimes an LCD for commercials info

The requirements are focused on the durability and flexibility of the internal display arrangement – variability.

Stands in specific customer colors are often required and also enough space is required to place advertising banners.

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Our displays with manual roller shutter are among others our most popular models


Robust design with aluminum roller shutter and internal sliding shelves.


A selection of colors is available for the plastic roller shutter, this can contain an advertising printing.


The shelves are offered as standard in two versions – solid sheet metal or wire program.


The stand always includes a safety tray to catch leaking fluids – typically engine oil or windshield washer fluid.


The upper part of the stand can be equipped with an advertising banner holder in any width.


Varnished metal sheet or plastic vacuum formed displey sides, both materials in a wide range of RAL colors.