We are a leading manufacturer of the sales promotion products and displays. The main portfolio of the company consists of sales stands (so-called POP and POS products) and their sets. You will find our products with customers all over Europe. To our Long-term customers belonging a number of multinational retail chains, cigarette manufacturers and many other well-known manufacturers

NERA DISPLAYS was founded in 1988. This period was difficult for start-ups, but as the company’s mood gradually changed, small businesses were allowed to start businesses. The transition to a normal market-oriented economy after 1989 was a great challenge for NERA DISPLAYS and its two founders, Mr. Jiří Němec and Mr. Vladimír Zdražil.

Since its establishment, the company has mainly produced household products from bent and welded wire. Products such as dish drippers or clothes dryers have become legendary in Czech and Moravian families.

The first product of NERA DISPLAYS

Headquarters in 1995-2011

The rapid development of business demands after the fall of the totalitarian regime in 1989 was challenging, which is why our company has developed several new product lines for trade and warehouse / retail chain equipment.

Growing competition in the market has given impetus to further product development. The company also began to focus more to foreign clients on exhibitions and promotional events.

Since 2013, our company has been based in the southern part of Brno near the large D1 / D2 motorway junction. The brand new building with modern equipment has offices, development and technical departments as well.

In our complex there is also our own renovated production hall, where most of our products are manufactured.

At the beginning 2023 year, NERA DISPLAYS has more than one hundred employees and other agency staff.

NERA DISPLAYS has a clear goal for the future: to maintain the trend of growing development in production and to offer its customers innovative design, high quality and modern trends in the field of POS & POP.

The facade of the new company headquarters

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